January 17, 2022

How we built a highly performant, customized search for Limitless Tire

When we started working with Limitless Tire, their platform was growing in all directions. Their customer base was increasing, their products were getting more complex, and even their catalogs of tires had gotten so big that they’d begun running into problems with displaying all the relevant information.

We knew we could help Limitless Tire take their e-commerce platform to the next level by building a search feature that would allow their customers to easily find the products they needed, including those that were similar to what they’d searched for.

Knowing our client and their needs: We built a highly performant, customized search for Limitless Tire by focusing on both the customer’s needs and their customers’ needs.

Limitless Tire needed a way to present all of their products to customers in an engaging way that made it easy for them to browse—not just by searching directly for what they wanted but also by showing similar products based on details like vehicle types.

Their customers (the tire-buyers) needed a way to quickly find the right tires for their vehicles. They wanted a system that could understand how complicated tire sizes are and would allow them to search.

When Limitless Tire came to us, they were looking for a way to make their tire search more streamlined and performant. They asked us if we could help them build one that would return results much faster than their existing search.